Alma Beacon Project Managers

Introducing our Project Managers who are responsible for the smooth operation of each of our Projects: PCSO David Bullock – Windsor street Angels, Nick Roberts – Windsor Homeless Project, Sarah Kember – Windsor Foodshare.

Picture of Carron Edgell

Carron Edgell

Drug and Alcohol Specialist

Picture of Chris Speakman

Chris Speakman

Admin Speclialist

Picture of Mike Dillon

Mike Dillon

Alma Beacon Facilities Manager

Meet the Trustees

Picture of Geoff Hudson

Geoff Hudson


I have lived in Windsor since 1979 and am a longstanding parishioner at St Edward’s. At the end of 2022, I retired after 40+ years practising as a solicitor in the City of London in the regulatory field. I have a great love of Windsor and its people and have, over the years, been extensively involved as Finance Chair of two local schools.

As I was approaching retirement from the Law, I was asked to take on the rôle of Chair of Windsor Christian Action, having at that stage served as a Trustee of the charity for 5 years. It has been a huge privilege to have become Chair just at the time that we were completing the refurbishment of our wonderful building, The Alma Beacon, in the centre of Windsor.

With our new facilities and, even more importantly, the dedication and generosity of so many wonderful volunteers, staff, trustees and supporters, we feel we are making a real difference to the lives of many of the most vulnerable in our community across our three projects: Windsor Foodshare, Windsor Homeless Project and Windsor Street Angels.

Picture of Jane Deakin

Jane Deakin

Secretary to Board

I am a linguist, and started my career working on technical journals for an American company as a professional translator from German and Dutch. I retrained as a language teacher, and set up my own business, offering training in European languages to local companies such as Hitachi, General Electric and Gartner Group and taught German and French at Windsor Girls’ School.

After retiring from teaching in 2009, I volunteered at Windsor Homeless Project as Project Co-ordinator, and a year later was made a paid employee, becoming Manager in 2017. This turned out to be the most enjoyable and rewarding job I have ever had, as I am passionate about empowering people to transform their lives in positive ways. When I had to retire for family reasons, I wanted to retain my involvement, and so became a trustee of WCA.

Among my other passions are spending time in the mountains, skiing, hiking and being a grandmother.

Picture of Marion Greenwood

Marion Greenwood

Trustee & Vice Chair

I’m a Londoner, studied French for my degree and spent a year living and working in Paris. I joined BT, and had a wonderful career there for over 20 years. I specialised in Marketing- including research, advertising, PR and events. My final role was as Marketing Director of a stand-alone international arm of the company. During my time there I enjoyed managing and developing teams and Individuals and when I left I re-trained as a Business Coach to continue doing this freelance.

I joined the Windsor Homeless Project as a volunteer in 2016 and was shocked and humbled to see how many vulnerable people there are in our community, and equally how many kind and supportive volunteers and donors were there to support them.  I became a Trustee of Windsor Christian Action at the end of 2019, and I feel privileged to be involved with so many people working together to support the most vulnerable. I definitely get as much back as give. I look forward to continue to strengthen the profile of the Charity and the way we work together across the different projects and community.
For leisure I love to dance and teach Argentine Tango, paint, travel and walk in the countryside.

Picture of Danielle

Danielle Crompton


I have over 10 years’ experience driving socially and environmentally responsible change in large flagship organisations. Most recently I was a senior sustainability professional at the John Lewis Partnership with responsibility for strategy development, performance management and engagement. I’ve now joined the University of Cambridge as a Programme Director for Executive Sustainability Education.

Whilst professionally I work to influence change at a national and global level, I feel the strongest connection with the tangible ways I can support my local community. I was first introduced to Windsor Christian Action when I started volunteering as a Windsor Street Angel in 2019. Following that I was offered the opportunity to lead the Alma Beacon’s capital grant fundraising programme and am now delighted to have been appointed as a Trustee. In my role I lead on the charity’s strategic direction, grant fundraising and impact measurement.

Picture of Tim Allison

Tim Allison

Treasurer & Trustee

I joined Alma Beacon as Treasurer and Trustee in February 2022. I previously worked for over 30 years as a finance and risk management professional, primarily as a corporate treasurer, in several large international companies.

I currently work part time as a pension trustee, mentor and self-employed treasury expert. I was keen to add some voluntary work to my activities so, having lived in Windsor for over 20 years, I was delighted to join Alma Beacon.

My leisure interests include running, skiing, paddle boarding and golf. I am a small shareholder in The Swan community pub in Clewer and the Windsor & Eton Brewery.


Picture of Jeremy Crame

Jeremy Crame - Trustee

Strategy and planning

I retired in 2016 following a career in the IT industry, latterly as CEO of a Banking & Financial Services focussed software business. Having spent the first two years of retirement “adjusting”, and travelling to Asia, South America, Africa and Europe, I began to look for a local charitable role that could be mentally stimulating, and where I could “give something back” to the community. My first real exposure to the Homeless Project was the 2019 Sleep Out, at which time I met and decided to join what I saw as a committed team delivering highly valuable support services to vulnerable people in the community.

My downtime activities start with family, house and garden, and then when time permits, I enjoy sailing (Coastal Skipper), playing tennis (Windsor Lawn Tennis), watching rugby and cricket (MCC Member), live music, theatre and socialising. I have driven an electric car for some years and am very interested in all forms of renewable energy.

Picture of Kat Bracewell

Kat Bracewell


Since 1997 I have had the best job in the world. I’ve been a Baptist minister, first in Nottingham then in Oxford. In 2017 I moved to become minister of Windsor Baptist Church – a creative, community-based church which runs a vibrant café and hosts all manner of community groups. As part of this job I became very involved with Windsor Christian Action and subsequently joined the board of trustees.

In my spare time I enjoy playing meatloaf songs VERY loudly on the piano, walking my dog and being with my children and little granddaughter.

Picture of Richard Reardon

Richard Reardon


Compassion has changed my life, and I have seen it change the lives of others, that’s why I’m here. The works of Justice and Peace have shaped my life as a Priest. In my studies to the priesthood, I have lived in different countries including Tanzania and Zambia, these were formative years as I saw the impact and devastation of poverty upon communities, families and individuals. I was ordained Priest for the Archdiocese of Cardiff in 2015. In 2011 I started training to be a counsellor, qualifying in 2014. During this time, I became a Priest in the Church in Wales, and due to my involvement in the local community I became a part of a local government response to house and welcome vulnerable Syrian families. I continue to work as a Priest and Counsellor in Windsor. My family and I moved here in August 2021 and we are enjoying settling in and making new friends and memories.
Alongside my life in Windsor, I am also a Chaplain in the Army, serving as a Padre with The London Guards. I have always ‘enjoyed’ being with people who are on the edge of life, I find their messiness and my messiness connecting well and from this relationship trust grows.
I have always enjoyed keeping fit and reading. Before children I used to go the cinema and enjoyed watching films. I’m sure I’ll have the opportunity again!!

Picture of Lesley Bushnell

Lesley Bushnell

Corporate Fundraiser

I have lived in Windsor since 2011, and love the town, its history, vibrancy, and community, it’s a great place to be and it would be easy to be complacent that life is as good and easy for all its residents, which sadly isn’t true. In 2021 I was offered the opportunity to become a Trustee of WCA with responsibility for Windsor Foodshare. It was something that appealed to me as I felt that some of my life’s past experiences could be put to good use.

As well as raising a family over the past 25 years I have been fortunate enough to have succeeded in establishing and managing a local relocation company which has ridden the waves of the many recessions and booms, survived Brexit, and covid, and is now recognized as a strong force in our marketplace. In the last few years with the employment of a new MD I am less involved in the day to day running of the business and have more time to become more involved in the local community and WCA.

Picture of Maria Grazia Hindmarsh

Maria Grazia Hindmarsh

Trustee – Windsor Foodshare

I am blessed to have been born and raised in Windsor, brought up with a sense of duty towards helping those less fortunate than me. The first in my family to attend university, I read English Law and French Law at Kings College, London University and enjoyed professional life as a solicitor. Since then, I have worked as a charity trustee, promoting education, and providing opportunities for young people through Sport and the Arts. As a regular theatregoer, I believe strongly that participation in the Arts can broaden a young person’s creative mind. In my past role as director of a Multi-Academy Trust, I became sadly aware of children arriving at school hungry, often the school lunch was their only hot meal. I am therefore committed to helping those suffering food poverty in our local community and proud to work with the charity in Windsor Foodshare.

Picture of Mark Player

Mark Player

Trustee – Windsor Homeless Project

I am a retired printing business owner from High Wycombe who now resides in Windsor. With plenty of time on my hands, I decided to give back to the community by becoming a Trustee for a local charity. The breadth of support that is offered to our local vulnerable  community by Alma Beacon really impressed me – incorporating FoodShare, Street Angels and the Homeless Project .


I will be specifically focusing on the Windsor Homeless Project. I am passionate about helping vulnerable individuals reintegrate into society and am eager to use my skills to contribute to this important cause. The recent accomplishments of the Charity, including the opening of the Alma Beacon centre, have inspired me, and I am excited to be a part of its future.